Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Days 15-21

Sorry this is late! I was so busy celebrating my birthday:)

Day 15- Paperless News Sources. Newspaper can be recycled, but recycling takes energy. You're using the energy and resources to recycle the paper and then the energy and resources to print the newspaper. So, I've decided to buy an online subscription. Let's be honest, I'm more likely to read it this way anyways, maybe I'll cut down on my facebook time and actually read the world news! I also downloaded the BBC App on my phone!

Day 16- Compost. I finally started my compost at the new house. The previous owners left their big composter, I wasn't 100% sure how to use this type so I just looked it up online and got it going. Also started a sealed container to keep in the kitchen so I can go outside every couple days. For info on how to start your own e-mail me or Oregonians can go to www.metro.org.

Day 17- Light Bulbs. I went around and replaces all the light bulbs in rooms we use most with energy efficient ones. For the rest I'll wait until they burn out.

Day 18- Moth Control. UGH!! So frustrating, the previous owners clearly had a moth problem and we thought we had done a good job of cleaning everything so we wouldn't, but a few have popped up. So I bought a bunch of cedar products for the closet and then some NON-TOXIC (this is huge, because most moth control products are carcinogenic!) moth control products. For more info on this, or how it's going, e-mail me.

Day 19- Recovering Chairs. I told you last week I've been on a rampage of finding things we already have and reusing them somehow. Matt's parents were very generous and gave us their old kitchen table. Now that we are painting and re-doing the kitchen the table doesn't quite match, and the cushions are getting worn. So I'm just recovering the seats! Super easy actually and they look very cute!

Day 20- Sewing Class. Along this same line, this was a skill that I was taught, but have lost from lack of use. So I'm taking a sewing class. There are so many things in my life that I could hem/fix and reuse, or buy used and create to my liking, if I had the skill of sewing. Wish me luck!

Day 21- Business Cards. Tyler Siefken, my talented, amazing graphic designer has designed me some fabulous business cards. I wanted to make sure and find a place that printed on 100% recycled paper and we as environmentally conscious as possible. So still working on that, but I think I've settled on VistaPrint. Let me know if you have a better option...

Well, that's week 3. I feel like I have to be honest and share that there have been days where I've forgot and had to do 2 things the next day. I know that's not 100% my goal, but hey, I'm only human! Thanks for reading!

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  1. I don't know why but one thing I'm looking forward to as a homeowner is a compost pile, weird, I know. I also think it's hilarious that in Oregon the previous homeowners had and left a composter (shocker!).

    I need pictures. I want to see the chairs you recovered, the table, the eclectic dishes, etc.