Monday, October 18, 2010

Recycling Within Your Home!

So as most of you know we are buying a house!! It's very exciting and we can't wait to move in! As this is recycling month, and I'm trying to do this house process as green as possible, I need some help from you! What are some ways that you BUY recycled household products? For example, we need some good furniture, where are some good 2nd hand places to buy furniture? Also, where do people buy used household products? Are there quick simple ways for me to recycle things I already have into useful items for our new home?? I would love some feedback on how to use recycled items in my new home!

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  1. Here locally Habitat for Humanity operates a "store" where people donate surplus things from home improvement projects, tools, etc. What you buy goes to the project. You could also try a search for consignment shops. Also, I've heard the Craig's List has things that people want to "freecycle" just to get them out of their homes. You could also check out estate sales.