Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Welcome!! Thank you for joining me on my new venture! I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am! I am about to create a new movement that will not only make our world a better place to live for you and future generations, but also to help your pocketbook.
My goal is three-fold; products, classes and consulting. The products will be available to you for affordable prices. They range from cleaners to skincare products, and they will all be made by me, with organic, natural, non-toxic ingredients. I want the products to be what you want and need in your life, that you don’t have time to make yourself. Let me do the work for you!
The classes are where it’s at! I want to offer classes that are sustainable all the way around. You come to the class to learn lifestyle changes that you then can easily apply to your life. For example, my first class, starting on April 22 (Earth Day), will be a Cleaners Class. In this class we will discuss the ingredients in your current cleaners and their effects on you and your environment, we will also discuss sustainable, non-toxic ways to clean your house and make a cleaner for you to take home with you. You will leave the class with knowledge about your current cleaner, other commercial cleaners and how to make your own at home. The idea is that you leave the class self-sustaining. When you’ve mastered that change in your life come on back and take another class learning something new, like how to compost or how to make candles!
The consulting is still in the works and information on that will follow. I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions! If you want to sign up for my first class you can register at, the class will be $10, which includes the supplies for the cleaner you will take home! Can’t wait to go on this adventure with you!


  1. This sounds inviting. I think the message is so positive. I wish I could come to the class.

  2. What a neat business idea! More people need to realize the harmful effects of chemicals that are used daily around children. Kudos to you brianna!